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Save Tigers or Face Their Extinction!

The world is moving towards a slow decline and a research expedition that had been tracking the tigers in the Sumatran jungles for over a year also suggest the same. The study has found out that the tigers there are now clinging to survival in low population areas. These have also suggested the possibility of extinction of the predators.

In the past the tigers of the islands of Java, Bali, Singapore have already gotten extinct, to ensure that this does not happen to the Sumatran jungles new anti-poaching efforts were launched. Although the efforts have brought positive results and the density of tigers have increased in the area, but the study has also found that the well-protected forests are on a consistent decrease.

We need to put in more efforts if we want our initiatives to work. Let’s work towards improving the density of tigers all over the world.

By: Srishti Anand


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