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Say No to Black Friday Apps

In the present world of technological advancement, internet is acting like both a boon and a bane. On one hand with the internet and smartphones, life has become extremely simple and easy, on the other hand it has also increased the risk of being looted at the hands of hackers and scammers in just a few clicks. In today’s world we are so dependent on the internet for our needs that we stopped visiting markets at all.  All we like is switching to an app and looking for our useful stuff at cheap, discounted prices. Various lucrative offers can be found every now and then while browsing these apps. Some website and apps offer cashbacks, while others are have introduced concepts like that of super cash. Although all such apps are not fake and fraudulent, there are many that are just befooling customers. It has been found that these days the “Black Friday” apps are becoming very prevalent. These offer fake products, and often steal private information from the user. Upon searching the terms “Black Friday”, almost about 4000 search results pop up. Out of these around 200 are malicious. Some of the Black Friday Apps are as follows:

(i) Flipp – The flip app provides you with flyer deals and coupons by item, brand or category to let you search for low priced deals in your area.

(ii) Santa's Bag- This app helps you buy low budget Christmas gifts for all your near and dear ones.

(iii) Price Cruncher – This app helps you compare the prices of your most desired products.

(iv) Shopular – This app allows you to look for deals and coupons easily.

(v) ShopSavvy – This app allows you to look for deals at popular stores around you by simply scanning the Bar code.

(vi) Ebates – This is a lucrative app which provides double cashback to its customers.

(vii) The Coupons App – It allows you to find deals, coupons and promo codes for more than 1 Lac retailers.

(viii) Swagbucks – This app provides you cashback on shopping at more than 1500 retailers.

In order to be safe while browsing the internet and various apps available, always make sure to keep the following in mind:

(i) Always download apps from secured sources - Don't get apps from third-party app stores. Use Google and Apple app stores only for installing any application in your phone.

(ii) Check for slight differences – Fake apps and websites often contain grammatical errors in the banner or other graphics. This should be a red flag for us.

(iii) Browse only those sites that are safe- Check for an HTTPS URL if you’re online-- that means the site is secured.

By: Anuja Arora