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Science Man who goes around in his Vignayana Ratham

Education is indeed every child’s right. Where on one hand big schools and educational institutions grab fees as much as possible, on the contrary there are still some good souls who do a lot to educate the nation. One such person is Ariwarasan who belongs to Tamil Nadu. He started off his journey approximately nine years ago in Thiruvallur district. He is a learned man who is well versed with about 1200 science tricks. He has got an experiment for the most complex science theories.

He visits government aided and government schools on his Vignayana Ratham or Science Van. His main aim is to make science easy for all. He wants to make children exposed to the world of science. In these 9 years of his journey, he has covered seven districts in Tamil Nadu, reaching out almost 10.5 lakh children. Time and again Ariwasrasan has been approached by even commerce students, showing their interest in attending Ariwasrasan’s sessions. Ariwarasan got the inspiration to become the science man who goes around in a van from Dr. Pashupathi, a food scientist. Dr. Pashupathi is the founder of the Parikshan Charitable Trust and had envisioned the science van. Alongside, the Parikshan Trust also arranged paid camps in the city. Ariwarasan also conducts sessions with teachers, wherein he makes several e-books available to teachers and informs them about the ill effects of strict teaching on a child’s mind. He is even involved in conducting organic farming classes, toilet hygiene classes and interactive sessions with village residents, alongside other activities.

By: Anuja Arora