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Scientists Come Up With New Approaches To Save Environment

Global warming is one of the most serious and important issue in the present day. With the increasing global warming and pollution, the climate is deteriorating each day. Scientists and researchers are making continuous efforts so as to fix this problem. Lately the scientists in Cambridge have planned to develop a research centre in order to formulate innovative and new ways of repairing the Earth's climate.

The research centre shall deeply investigate radical alternatives for example refreezing the Earth's poles and eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere.The main objective of creating the centre is win over the current situation. The scientists are well aware that if activities carry own the same way as they are now, soon it will cause huge and irreversible damage to the planet Earth. It is for the first time that such initiative has been put forward. It is expected that it will lead to substantial reductions in carbon emissions. The initiative is co-ordinated by the government's former chief scientific adviser, Prof Sir David King. In an interview with BBC News, he stated that human activities that take place in the next 10 years will actually determine the future of humanity over the next 10000 years. Till date there is no such centre in the world that is dedicated to the resolution of this important issue. Few of the approaches explained by Sir David are collectively referred to as geo-engineering. This centre will be known as “The Centre for Climate Repair”. It is part of Cambridge University's Carbon Neutral Futures Initiative, led by Dr Emily Shuckburgh. She stated that the mission is devoted towards finding solution to the climate problem.  Indeed it is crucial to achieve this anyhow. It will definitely bring together scientists and engineers along with social scientists. Dr. Shuckburgh stated that it is one of the most crucial challenges of this time, and we must understand that our timely response to this issue is of great importance. In order to refreeze the poles, it is important to brighten the clouds above them. The idea is to pump seawater up to tall masts on unscrewed ships with the help of very fine nozzles.This generates very small particles of salt which are then injected into the clouds, which eventually helps in making them more widespread and reflective, and resultantly cools the areas below them. Apart from these, the scientists have come up with many other approaches to control the environment such as ocean greening, recycling carbon dioxide etc.



By: Anuja Arora