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Scientists Discovers a Link between Human Brain and Internet

As per the experts there is strong connection between human brain and internet. According to the scientists an algorithm used for the Internet is also at work in the human brain.

Additionally, the researchers have suggested that this algorithm work as an insight that improves our understanding of engineered and neural networks. The process also improves the learning disabilities.

An assistant professor at Salk, Saket Navlakha stated that the founders of the Internet spent a lot of time considering how to make information flow efficient.

The scientists also added that finding a link between an engineered system and an evolved biological one, arise at a similar solution to a problem are amazing. An engineered system includes solution that involves controlling information flow. The routes of this controlled information are neither clogged nor underutilized by checking how congested the Internet is.

According to the researchers there is a term called additive increase, multiplicative decrease"(AIMD). During the process of AIMD the computer sends a packet of data and then listens for an acknowledgement from the receiver.

If the data packet is promptly acknowledged, the network is not overloaded and the data can be transmitted through the network at a higher rate, said the researchers.

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