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Scientists Discovers the Speed Formula

Scientists have conducted a study and found the magical formula of Speed they call it the ‘Speed rule’. This formula allows people to understand why some animals run, fly and swim faster than all others. It is not just E=mc2, but scientists unveiled other aspects of Speed.

The scientists stated that only strength does not determine top rapidity. In fact, land mammals, birds, and fish can only go faster for as long as they can draw from available energy stored in muscle tissue. The researchers revealed that an intermediate body size is optimal for hitting that sweet spot between strength and energy burst.

Animals such as cheetah, Falcon or marlin carry a median body size. Additionally, only an animal’s weight and the medium moves in water, air or across the land. Weight is enough to calculate animals’ maximum speed with 90 per cent accuracy, stated the scientists.

Scientists emphasized on the fact that the largest animals are not the fastest. If muscles were all that mattered “elephants would reach maximum speeds of about 600 kph.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: Hindustan Times




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