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Scientists Find New Bug Species

Researchers have found two new species of katydid in Malaysia. The scientists have claimed that the females of these new species sport rosy pink and red colour. The male Katydids are uniform green hues. While elaborating the features the scientists explain both new breeds look just like leaves, with characteristic veins and leaf-like lobes on their legs.

The scientists have stated that these new species are different and usually live in northern Borneo. However, it has been found that these insects are unusual as one of them was recognized based on photographs alone.

Researchers captured an image of a spectacularly coloured katydid and showed to George Beccaloni, a zoologist at London's Natural History Museum. After that, the zoologist misidentified this specie as a grasshopper-like-insect. Baccaloni sends them to Sigfrid Ingrisch, an expert on Asian katydids. George Beccaloni said the researchers’ team was not willing to describe the new species based only on photos. One needs to look at microscopic characteristics, things that don’t show up in photos, to differentiate species, stated the zoologist.

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