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Scientists Found Human Remains in Palawan Island

Archaeologists from University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) have discovered human remains from the cave in northern Palawan Province. The scientists have been thoroughly excavated the caves since 2004. As a result, numerous human skeletal materials have been found by the archaeologists.

As per the study, these skeletons belongs to late Palaeolithic (9,000 Before Present), through the Neolithic (~4,000 BP) and Metal Periods (~1,000 BP), to the late millennium. The researchers explained that they have dug up these skeletons from various buried modes. Moreover, the human remains from the late millennium were masked as whole bodies, lying on their backs and directed towards the cave entrance.

According to the archaeologists this discovery will be helpful to understand the range of mortuary practices. Not only that, scientists added that the research will also provide data for comparison with findings from other archaeological sites in South-East Asia.

The researchers said that their next agenda is to explain the human skeleton in more detail. Currently, the scientists are aiming to elaborate age-at-death, sex, disease, cultural modifications such as intentional changes in the skeleton and other criteria.