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Scientists Found New Evidence of Leicester's Roman Past

Archeologists form the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) have discovered new evidence for Leicester's Roman past. As per the reports the excavation work has been in progress since November 2016. During the excavation the researchers found some evidences of a Roman street, and a Roman house once floored with mosaic pavements.

The collaboration of the work was conducted by a team from (ULAS) where the ‘Ingleby’ has funded the excavation. The officials said Ingleby is developing the site into apartments.

Additionally, modern rubble and Victorian garden soil are being removed from the footprint of the proposed building to expose the medieval and Roman archaeology.

The process allows archaeologists to identify where the footings for the new building will have an adverse effect on important archaeological remains. These archaeological remnants can then either be designed around, or excavated before they are destroyed said the researchers. As off now the researchers have identified a Roman street and three Roman buildings. However, the excavation covers nearly two-thirds of a Roman insula (city block), giving archaeologists an amazing opportunity to study the past.

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