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Scientists Have Discovered a Different Angle of Tornado Casualty Story

The scientists from Florida State University have uncovered that old myth based on the tornado casualty story. The researchers have stated that population is only a part of tornado casualty story. According to the study, it was believed that it's just a problem with exposure -- the more people in the way, the more casualties.

However, the scientists have cleared it out that tornado strength has a greater impact on casualty totals. Moreover, to prove their researchers the scientists have also developed an innovative technique, called ‘regression model’. As per the scientists, this model has helped them to understand that on average a doubling of the population under the path of a tornado leads to a 21 percent increase in the casualty rate. On the other hand, a doubling of the energy dispersed by the tornado leads to a 33 percent increase in the casualty rate.

The scientists also added that "they brought in external data and estimated tornado energy based on tornado area, median wind speeds and the magnitude of those storms”.

For the study, the team of scientists examined all tornado casualties, meaning death or injury as a direct consequence of a tornado, in United States from 2007 to 2015.