Scientists Re- Explains the Old Metal Theory

The researchers from different university have re-explained the 60 years old metal theory. As per the theory materials that conduct electricity at high temperature work as an insulator at lower temperatures.


For the very first time the scientists have directly visualized the changes in the metal. Before this the techniques were not available to see the transition directly. The research has been led by Erik van Heumen of the University of Amsterdam and Alex McLeod from the University of California.


The Physicists have created a micro scale through which the changes can be seen easily. Through the experiment the researchers have analyzed the percolation change in electron of the material. During percolation transition process the quid slowly passes through a filter.


The scientists have explained that the impure material create blockage for the electron during low temperature. This blockage gradually develops outward across the entire material. During this process, earlier freely moving electrons come to a stop and the material loses its conducting properties.