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Scientists Reveal Human Jaw Mystery

The scientists have analyzed, that the Jaw first appears in the rising origin because of cartilage bar similar to a gill arch. The scientists said that in human skull, the denture such as maxilla and premaxilla makes the whole jaws that carry our teeth. Unlike the shark, a human being new bones show on the outside of the cartilage, stated the scientist.

According to the researchers, the creation of human jaw has originated from bony fishes, tetra pods, as well as from crocodiles. The scientists have explained that Placoderms used to have a same set of jaws. While explaining the jaw creation the researchers added that the bones in ‘Placoderms fish’ were known as Gnathic plates.

As per the data the scientists have come to know that these Gnathic plates used to work as effective as sheet-metal cutters.  As per the study, this cutter like gnathic plates in Placoderms have been unrelated to human denture stated the scientists.