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Sea Lions in Danger from Ocean Algae Bloom

Orange and Los Angeles Counties consists of Marine Mammal Rescue Centers. These centers reported that a huge number of sea lions are suffering from domoic acid poisoning. Ocean Algae bloom secretes a neurological toxin that leads to domoic acid poisoning.

According to a report by Orange County Register, lethargy and unawareness are the symptoms of this poisoning. Keith Matassa is the executive director of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center of Laguna Beach. He said health of the sea lions inform scientists about condition of marine environment. He also added that in the past years, sea lions indicated that there was no food. Now, they are indicating the regions of domoic acid bloom.

Water run off along with fertilizers creates a huge bloom.  Surface fish in sea eat these algae. Algae produce neurotoxins that can destroy brain. Sea lions get in contact with toxins when they eat surface fish. No cure for domoic acid poisoning has been found.