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Self Defense Training – An Essential Part Of The School Curriculum

In today’s world with an increase in the crime level, the need for learning self defence is also increasing. Not just for girls but for boys also, learning self defence is a must. In order to implement the same, the government has now come up with an initiative to make self defence a part of the school curriculum. The self defence techniques have now been made part of the education at government-run primary and upper primary schools in UP.

This kind of initiative has helped the school students largely to improve their self confidence and self esteem. The teachers have stated that its time for the students to roll up their sleeves. They should learn the self defence techniques at a young age only. This will help them to learn better and slightly difficult techniques easily. The primary school in Tilauli, Sardar Nagar in Gorakhpur has been imparting the self defence training to its students from quite a long time. The school has recruited a trainer for provision of formal training in taekwondo for the students. The head teacher at the school informed that a trainer named Beena Paswan has been appointed for this job. There have been recent incidents in the village wherein girls have come to the rescue of males as well.  Two of the students Khushboo and Anjali who are both studying in grade 5 stated that this is indeed a welcome initiative by the school and the training is such that it will definitely make the students more confident and smart. Another student Shubham stated that he loves being part of this training and has gained the skills and the strength to break a brick into pieces with a kick. Another student Ankita is happy to attend the training as it is proving helpful for her to tackle her problem of obesity. One of the schools in Ghazipur district has also formed an “Army Brigade” wherein the students are dressed in camouflage uniforms and they visit one village after the other in order to educate the women about the importance of self defence. This is extremely useful in inculcating the skills of facing difficult situations amongst girls. Mr. Piyush Chandra, assistant teacher of the Primary school stated that gone are the days when it was logical to expect from the police or government to render and ensure safety and security for all. The time has come when girls should be made capable enough to ensure safety for their own selves. The army brigade constitutes of a group of 5-7 students who study in classes 5 to 8. These students are expert in self-defence. The group conducts training sessions for all girls of the school that helps them become physically and mentally strong and prepares them to face and tackle appropriately any kind of difficult situation. The senior basic education department has appreciated these efforts made by the schools and the department is looking forward to the implementation of the same by other schools also.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.hindustantimes.com/education/self-defence-training-for-kids-part-of-education-at-govt-run-primary-and-upper-primary-schools-in-up/story-DAnXp2uQ1nnGqI0qbGwEkJ.html