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Slovenia Protects the Environment

A current research showed Slovenia is the best country at using nature. The research was conducted with the help of the Government efforts to vanish pollution. The scientists added that they did this research to preserve biodiversity and limit the exploitation of natural resources.

Moreover, the scientists added that there is a strong connection between a clear environment and human’s wellbeing. As per the study, in September U.N. member states put a number of ambitious targets to end poverty and protect the planet. The meeting was aimed to guarantee prosperity for all by 2030. Over 200 countries accepted to keep global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius to curb global warming.

As per the researchers, the positive ranking of Slovenia is a result of adopting an aggressive environmental policy.  These policies include the creation of large protected areas on land and sea. As per the study, Slovenia is a nation that has the huge variety of natural environment gathered in a small area

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