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Small Lies Can Desensitize Brain

A research by Wellcome and the Center for Advanced Hindsight has revealed the process when our self-serving lies slowly rise up. The scientists explained the process while focusing the light on the amygdala. Amygdala is a part of a human brain that is connected with human emotions. The scientists said the amygdala becomes more active when people first lie for their individual gain. However, the feedback of amygdala gradually becomes slow with every escalated lie.

The result of the research showed that larger drops in amygdala create bigger lies in future. Human amygdala generates negative emotions with small lies that restrict the level to which we are prepared to lie. Gradually the amygdale-response vanish as with regular lies explained the researchers. Crucially, the small lies become bigger ones where certain acts of dishonesty escalate into major lies, stated the scientists.

According to the analysts, this research helped them to understand the response of the brain to rising acts of dishonesty. However, further study is needed to find more about the complete behavior of the brain, said the scientists.