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Solar Wind’s Origin near Sun

Scientists from NASA have added some more facts to the discovery of 1950 for the solar-winds.  For the first time the scientists have imaged the border of the Sun that reveals the mystery of solar wind’s origin.


According to the early discovery of 1950 when the solar wind approaches the earth it gets disconnected from the Sun. The scientists stated that, “solar wind is breezy and unstable”. In addition to the information the researchers added that the sun begins to lose magnetic control while approaching the earth.


In-fact the outpouring of the sun gets disconnected from itself as it proceeds toward the earth. During the constant-charged-particle-flow the plasma travels away from the sun brings strong changes. The sun starts to lose its magnetic control while creating a boundary that defines the sun’s edge which is called corona.


“Solar wind is structured in distinct rays near its origin which looks like a kid’s drawing of the Sun”, said a scientist from NASA.


The study has been done by using NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO. The scientists have also claimed that images of corona can be helpful to learn more about our mysterious solar system.