Some Animals and Birds That Makes the Craziest Noises

In general there may be differences in the voice which seems to be unrelated with the attitude of the animal. Like Cheetahs may be swift runners, but they sound more like birds in flight like shouting in the air.

The big cats chirp when communicating with other cheetahs, to avoid attracting another, less closely related relative the lion, which is in itself something amusing. While coming to the Northern mockingbirds, they are known for being exceptional imitators, mimicking noises of birds much larger and more predatory than themselves. They sing at all hours of the day, but they don't always sing the same tune: sometimes, the tiny songbirds will mimic frogs or even car alarms. On the other hand some birds and animals may sound something specific, like they learn or due to some inner changes in their vocal system. Like a bird named Mike. In the past mike became famous as there was an unlikely friendship between mike and a dog who was a whippet named Boo. Recently mike came up with a new festive surprise by amazingly wishing us all a “Merry Christmas”. The other one is ‘Loliloli cat’. Everybody may have seen cats as a pet especially in western culture. As you may have noticed that cats at times makes some different noises. Like that a Loliloli cat is famous for making a bizarre sound. She is from Tokyo, Japan. In the east people likes to keep parrot as a pet. We have seen parrots speaking and we are well aware of their ability to copy the language. In Northampton shire, there is a parrot at one home that makes a noise exactly as a fire alarm. When it started beeping, the neighbors called out the Fire Fighters concluding that they repeatedly heard the smoke alarm going off. When the fire fighters came they didn’t find any fire ad despite that they cleared out a smoke detector, but heard the noise again and finally discovered that the alarm sound was coming from one of the grey parrot that was mimicking the sound of alarm. On coming to the water animals, one male Beluga Whale in California has been recorded making noises like someone is talking nearby. After the analysis, it was found that the voice is much deeper than the voice that whales generally make. Animals are sometime strange but yet attractive and cute.

By: Anuja Arora