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Spider Lovers Save Giant Tarantula from Drowning

In this big selfish world, a simple act of kindness is enough to restore everyone’s faith in humanity. One such incident happened recently, wherein a giant tarantula was saved by two kind hearted spider lovers.

The tarantula was struggling hard between life and death. It was clinging on to the branch of a tree with its eight legs in a flooded street in Queensland, Australia. This tarantula which is a whistling spider lives in a silk-lined burrow under the ground. They eat anything that they can catch hold of including insects such as beetles, locusts and crickets. They can be aggressive if mishandled, and their bite can kill cats and dogs. Usually when due to rains, water logging occurs in their burrows, these tarantulas climb up their burrows and wait for water to subside. But since the rain in this case more than 15 inches (40 centimeters) in four days, the tarantula almost feared death and climbed up the tree to save itself. This behaviour was a little weird on the part of the tarantula. The two kind hearted men who saved the tarantula, put him on a safe and dried piece of land, leaving its fate to nature.

By: Anuja Arora