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Students Urged the Education Department for Revoking their Maths Teacher’s Transfer Order

You must be aware of the JACTTO-GEO strike last month because of which the school education department has been taking action against many of the participants and issuing 17(b) notices, suspending or transferring staff. This situation is prevailing in Tripura also. The students of Velliyankadu Corporation Middle School banded together in protest on hearing about the transfer of their maths teachers. The parents of the students have also criticized this action of moving the teacher who had greatly impacted the children and their education.

G Suresh is a 38 years old middle school math teacher who went to school on Monday for collecting his transfer order. Suresh was among the other 17 teachers in Tirupur who have got the transfer order. He was being transferred to the Perichipalayam school which is a few yards away from his former place of work. The routine visit of the maths teacher turned out to be an emotional spectacle for his students who banded together to keep him from leaving. There were lots of hugs exchanged and tears shed. The teacher himself felt broken at the show of support by the students but he advised his students to focus on their education completely. The transfer order was not taken well by teachers, parents, and the students. It was the efforts of Suresh which made the students of the school do and perform in a better way. He taught him lessons which are not just related to academics but are also impactful in terms of other life skills like discipline, punctuality, and much more. On talking to students of the school about Suresh, it was revealed how he went beyond the call of duty to serve his students well. Suresh also used to buy medicines for his students if they felt unwell. HIs teaching methods were also very engaging and practical. Suresh used to teach maths like a story and made every student stop hating it. Because of the hard efforts of Suresh, the school has been a plastic-free zone for over four years now.

The students of this school do not want Suresh to leave them and transfer to another school, therefore, they urge the Education Department to revoke this order. Parents of these students also visited collectorate for the submission of a petition in this regard. Suresh has earned this much love and respect among all because of his efforts, initiatives, and hard work. S Prasanna Ramasamy who is the District Revenue Officer ensured to look into the matter again. Suresh was awaiting further instructions and decisions from the department.


By: Preeti Narula

Content: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil-nadu/2019/feb/05/to-sir-with-love-students-rally-behind-maths-teacher-1934487.html