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Studies Find Disparities In The Way Teacher Respond To Students

White Maths teacher in predominantly black middle schools are more likely to respond to student negatively because of their behavioral and academics issue and this may have long consequences for the students’ performance, according to the new study that there is a need to recruit the black teacher. The study published in the Harvard Educational Review observed the data collected from 2009-11 of 25 Maths classrooms in schools that were either predominately white or black.  

Study published this month in Harvard Educational Review observed that video collected in the data from 2009 -2011 of 25 mathematics classroom in middle school that was either predominantly white or black.

White teacher in predominantly black school were more likely than white teacher in predominantly in white school or black teacher in predominantly in Black School, respond in negative way to student behaviour, emotion and ability. For example their response to behaviour issue was more likely to include multiple, intense back and forth exchanges more apt to escalate problem than solve them.

“The implications for black student learning are clear. Black students are likely to improvise the teacher - student relationship with the over representation of white teacher. This in turn will harm the academic achievement,” said by Dan Battey, author of the study and an associate professor of elementary mathematics education at Rutgers University-New Brunswick's Graduate school of education.

He need for the targeted recruitment of black teachers is as critical as ever - as is the need to train teacher from all background to handle the conflicts in a way that encourage student success without showing racial bias. This can include avoiding drawing the classes’ attention to an individual student’s behaviour issue and learning not to unnecessarily conflicts with threats to call home or send a student to the principal office. Instead they try to understand the behavioral issue “handle it privately with the students and approach the student with warmth” said by Battey.

According to the Battey educators and policymakers focus on mathematics content but often forget the rational and emotional aspects of helping students excel in Maths - even though many adult remember their Maths classes with strong positive and negative emotions.  


By: Lakshender S. Angras

Content: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/01/190124115356.htm