Study Claims Americans were from Asia

Texas A&M University professor has disclosed that first American habitants were from Asia. The scientists have got some ultimate proofs from the Ice Age skeleton of a one-year-old boy. As per the study the scientists have assumed that ancient people were direct ancestors of modern resident Americans. According to the researchers the skeleton was found in 1968, near a rock steep in central Montana.

Along with the skeleton various artifacts such as spear points and antler tools were also found by the researchers. The researchers have claimed that all the artifacts are 12,600 years old, the oldest and fully sequenced remains. Several years ago, all the remains were gone through a genetic test.

The scientists added that the area where the artifact and the skeleton were found is known as the Anzick site. More over the name has been finalized after the family who possess the land. As per the belief the remains are oldest known human burial from North America and the first Clovis-era burial site ever found.