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Sun’s Direction Affected by Tidal Force

The scientists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) stated that the activities of Sun are dominated by the Sun’s magnetic field. Records have suggested that the strong forces from Venus, Earth and Jupiter can directly manipulate the Sun's action.


As per the statement by the scientists, the Sun’s magnetic mystery is undiscovered. The scientists said that along with earth they are dealing with a fireball. While elaborating on the magnetic field researchers added that the magnetic ground is developed from almost nothing.


Two joint belongings are liable for the Suns magnetic field such as the omega and the alpha effect. The Sun’s alpha omega dynamo works according to the regular cycle. It has been suggested by the analysts that the magnetic field of the sun changes after every eleven years.


In addition to this the scientists stated that the reversed procedure of the magnetic field happens with the similar frequency of the solar activities. The researchers have discovered the alpha effects that are liable to oscillations under several situations.


Furthermore the scientists added that the planetary tides could act as satisfactory speed setters.