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Surgery-Tested Software to Detect Liver Tumors

A surgery – tested software has been developed by an engineer that can combine easily with CT scanned images of the liver. With the help of special stylus surgeons clean the surface of the exposed liver. They capture the shape of the organ during surgery. Captured image is then matched with the CT scan on a screen by a computer.

The new tech is really better than previously feeling tumors and vessels. The potential solution was published by Vanderbilt University's Michael Miga, Harvie Branscomb Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and his team. The software has helped half a million liver cancer patients across globe. Their paper was titled as "Deformation Correction for Image Guided Liver Surgery: An Intraoperative Fidelity Assessment”.  It will appear in the journal Surgery this month.

Surgeons reported that the arrival of this new technology has improved the registrations in more than 70 per cent of the cases. The study was being conducted for over two years at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

By: Bhavna Sharma