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Technology Flourishes When Paired With Liberal Arts And Humanities.

What makes technology really tick? Can humans survive on technology alone? It does not seem so. No matter how technologically advanced we become as humans we need those finer nuances of creative art, aesthetic sensibilities, social interactions and diving into the psychological realm of human lives. We need to make technology interact with how humans live, work and enjoy their lives.

There is no doubt that the world that we live in today is driven by two major forces; Globalization and Technology. When we speak of globalization we need to focus on understanding people who are different from our part of the world. This understanding is fostered by liberal arts. It has been observed from times immemorial that art, culture, humanitarian values bring the world’s population together on a platform. Someone can manufacture a product for a certain price but bringing it out to a global audience needs art, creativity and the ability to tickle human emotions. One can use the most advanced technology to manufacture, however, it is the branding, and the advertising and designing that prompts people to go for it.

If we look at some very successful business persons we find that their education was not technology based. Take for instance Mark Zuckerberg, who was pursuing a major in psychology before he dropped out of Harvard. Susan Wojcicki , YouTube chief executive majored in History and literature, while Airbnb Brian Chesky studied fine Arts and Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell majored in English.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena