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The Amazing Facts about Coyote

Coyotes come under the Canidae family. They are very famous for their howling at the moon. They share a lot of similar traits of their relatives like wolves, dogs, foxes and jackals. Coyotes have narrow, elongated snouts with lean bodies, yellow eyes, bushy tails and thick fur. The hunting by coyotes starts at night and they howl basically to communicate their location.

Coyotes are recognized for being “wily”. Their senses of hearing, smell and sight are very high. According to National Geographic, their size varies from 32 to 37 inches from head to rump. Then, the length of their tails adds another 16 inches to their size. The fur of this smart creature is found in different colors like gray, white, tan or brown and sometimes it also depends upon the location where they live. The mountains living Coyotes have darker coats and desert living Coyotes have lighter coats. This solitary creature has the habit of marking its territory with Urine.

By: Bhavna Sharma