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The CBSE Syllabus Would Comprise Of A Chapter Related To The Disadvantages of Smoking

Today, the Gen Y is embracing trends which at times are unknowingly followed. Accompanying one such trend, the youth is readily under the smoking approach - the cigarettes.

Delhi government's Health Director intends a chapter on disadvantages of smoking in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and state board syllabus from Std VI to XII; Maharashtra doctors welcome move.

Now, students may start learning to avoid tobacco right in their schools as the Central Board of Secondary Education and the state education department may include a chapter on it in the curriculum of the schools from Std VI to XII. Dr. SK Arora, Additional Director Health of Delhi government and former head of Delhi State Tobacco Control Cell, has proposed this idea in a letter to the President of India who has forwarded it for the consultation to the department concerned.

14.6 per cent of the youth in India (in the age group of 13-15 years) consume tobacco; a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report stated. Also, 36.6 per cent of youth are exposed to passive smoking in public places, and 21.9 per cent at home. This makes it significant for the young minds to know about the effects of tobacco. As such, Dr. Arora came up with a vision of including a chapter on tobacco awareness in the CBSE and state board syllabus.

“Vape and Tobacco Industry are bringing in new-age products in the pen and flash drive-like shapes to target the youngsters and enable hiding these devices from teachers as well as the parents. We thus need to counter their strategy by educating our students, teachers and parents," He stated.

Every year, Maharashtra alone sees almost 11,000 cases of mouth cancer diagnosed, according to data provided by the Tata Memorial Centre. Doctors have thus welcomed Dr. Arora's move.

With each passing day, smoking is becoming a fashion among the youngsters especially in the cities. "If they are taught about the side effects of tobacco at a younger age, it would help stay away. The number of youths falling prey to cancer has only gone up, in the past ten years. This would absolutely be a prominent move if the government approves it," added Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi - Deputy Director and Head-Neck Cancer Surgeon at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.

By: Preeti Narula

Content: https://m.mid-day.com/amp/articles/no-smoking-textbooks-may-soon-tell-cbse-students/20644152