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The Plight Of Majestic Pachyderms Of Amer Fort

The Indian Elephant is one of the largest land mammals on Earth. The two fingers like structure at the tip of the Asian Elephants enables it to perform very delicate and yet powerful tasks. They have been part of the Asian culture for thousands of years. They have been domesticated and have been used for transportation and movement of heavy objects.

Its majestic built cannot be compared with any other animal and a ride on its back takes one back to the majestic era of the royal Indian kings. This is one of the reasons why these majestic animals have been sought after by the tourist from all over the world and at home for experiencing the feeling of royalty while riding one. However, this majestic animal is under threat of extinction like the tiger and lions. This tourist attraction has lead to these majestic animals being chained and saddled to be used for rides, carting tourist up and down steep forts, or entertaining tourist who wish to touch them, pose with them or bathe and ride them. The media reported the death of more than 70 elephants under unnatural conditions in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan between the years 2015 to 2017. On the 21st of June 2018, the Rajasthan Government directed the Archeology and Museums to segregate and quarantine ten elephants that were reported to be suffering from tuberculosis, and not to be used for rides at the Amer fort. There was also special mention for providing better accommodation for these animals to contain the spread of the disease. 


By: Madhuchanda Saxena