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Galaxies across the universe are being murdered. The reason behind this had long remained a mystery.A new research by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) pursues to solve this puzzle. 

They found that a phenomenon called ram-pressure stripping is more extensive than earlier thought. It drives gas from galaxies and sends them to a pre-mature death by stripping them of the material to create new stars.

The study of 11,000 galaxies revealed that their gas, which is the ultimate essence of star formation, is being forcefully stripped away on an extensive scale all through the local universe. 

Galaxies are present inside clouds of dark matter called dark matter halos. Though invisible, the dark matter makes up approximately for 27% of our Universe, and ordinary matter accounts for just 5%. The other 68% is dark energy.

"During their lifetimes, galaxies can inhabit halos of different sizes, ranging from masses typical of our own Milky Way to halos thousands of times more massive," said Toby Brown, the study lead.

"As galaxies fall through these larger halos, the superheated intergalactic plasma between them removes their gas in a fast-acting process called ram-pressure stripping” he added. 

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