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The Revelation of Risk of Tsunamis in Mediterranean

Tsunamis are giant sea waves that are caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea. Tsunami waves do not suddenly increase its height beneath the ocean, but as they travel towards inland, they build up to higher and higher heights with the decrease in the depth of the ocean. Tsunami waves may travel as fast as the jet planes over deep waters, and slows down only when they reach to the shallow waters.

Tsunami is always like a disaster for the humans. Therefore, understanding the true occurrence of tsunamis is crucial for assessing the present risk and look for appropriate protective measures for densely populated coastal areas. It is a tough task to discriminate between tsunamis and storm. A review of geological research has been done for tsunamis during the past 4500 years in the Mediterranean Sea. It has revealed that almost 90% of these inundation events may have been misinterpreted by scientists and was due to storm activity instead. It has been found that the risk from Tsunami could have been significantly overstated in the Mediterranean region.

The records of 135 past events in eight Mediterranean countries were studied that had been identified by the scientists as tsunamis, were actually not tsunami but were only severe storms. For the areas where a lot of population resides, true forecasting of any calamity should be there, so that correct measures could be applied at the right time. 

By: Anita Aishvarya