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The Secret behind Toads Mushroom Hat

Childhood is the most sensitive part of one’s life when the child needs extra care, extra attention and extra love. Cartoon characters are very close to children's hearts as they can relate and learn so many things.

So it becomes very much essential to choose the characters that may be beneficial to the kid. A very popular cartoon character of the super game Mario’s character Toad and his fellows are a matter of discussion these days due to a very weird kind of hat that the Toad wears on his head. This cartoon character first appeared on Nes in the year 1985. The main person behind making this character is Yoshiaki Koizumi. At that time too, there was a mushroom on Toad’s head like a hat. It was also very confusing so it was explained by its maker that the mushroom is in fact part of his head.

A new series of Mario’s latest adventure has been declared. In the game, Mario and Luigi is the main character in the Mushroom Kingdom. The companions of Mario and Luigi are princess Peach and Toad.  King Kooper is treated as a bad guy. During the game show, Toad and some of his companions have taken their hats off so many times reflecting the baldness. Sometimes, it was rumored that Toad was hiding something under his hat but it proved to be wrong. Mario has become a favorite game of so many children worldwide now.


By- Anita Aishvarya


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