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The Secrets of Plant Stem Development Uncovered

The scientists have recently discovered the secrets behind stem development of a plant. The researchers from the John Innes Centre have developed a technique that can analyze the inner surface of plants.


Analyzing inner part of the plant is difficult than its outer part as the cellular origins of plant stem’s consistent growth remains hidden under several layers. With this newly developed technique the scientists can explore the reason of plant stem growth.


A team of scientists have developed a cell detecting technique that will allow them to identify changes inside the cell of a plant surface. While developing the technique the team of scientist focused on the Shoot Apical Meristem (SAM). SAM is known as a development-cluster in plants. The scientists have added that Shoot Apical Meristem is also responsible for shape and size of the plants.


To know the exact reason behind the stem development the scientists have combined two different approaches of plant’s study. The first approach is known as ‘Wild type’ where the scientists study the descendants of the cells in the rib meristem. During second approach the researchers look for the information about rib zone’s growth in a plant.