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The Story Of A Survivor And Maai Of Thousands Of Orphan

Poverty is a deep rooted cancer that needs to be cured in almost all parts of the country. Population on the other hand is growing with pace of time and has already become a national issue to deal with. Along with  these social problems we live with few people in the society that face the problems real bad and survive like inspirers.  Sindhutai Sapkal is a 67 year  old woman from Chikaldara also called ‘Maai’ by the orphan she adopted, fed and nurtured the children. Till date Sindhutai has adopted approximately 1200 children.

Sindhutai belonged to Wardha district in Maharashtra where she studied till class 4th and then was married at the age of 10 to the man of age 30. After her marriage she fought for village women and children that made her life worst. Because of nasty rumor during her pregnancy, she was abandoned by the community and her husband. After that she gave birth to Mamta on 14th October, 1973 in a cowshed.

She fought for the survival of her daughter and herself. Train stations ,cowsheds and cemeteries were her home. It was during these experiences of poverty, abjection and homelessness that Sindhutai came across dozens of helpless orphans and women who were blatantly ignored by the society. She has received approximately 270 awards from various national and international organizations. And her biopic was released in 2010 with the title of “Mee Sindhutai Sapkal.

By: Shruti Anand