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This Microscopic Creature Has Got Powers to Survive

We know that humans and other life forms will definitely disappear if some space rock collides with our planet or space radiations boils our oceans. According to a new study, the little creature named Tardigrade can survive in water or on land. It can survive even in extreme pressure of high or low.

Tardigrade is a microscopic, grub like an eight-legged animal. It will live for another 10 billion years till Sun doesn’t die. The animal has eight legs (four pairs) and each leg has four to eight claws. Their existence on Earth has been around for 530 million years. Their presence can be found everywhere from highest mountains to the deepest oceans. It is also known as a water bear or moss piglet. This unique creature can withstand sizzling heat, freezing cold, high radiations, living without food for 30 years and even being dried a little.

Researchers from Oxford and Harvard Universities said that it can survive all foreseeable astrophysical catastrophes. The size of a Tardigrade is 0.04 inches but it is the world’s toughest animal.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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