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Tribals of MP Revitalize Forest and Water Resources in 800 Villages

As the process of industrialization grew, trails of luscious thick forests were cut leaving us with nothing more than a barren land and breaking grounds of hope. But, there were some who were ready to shine with optimism in these moments of despair. Tribes of Jhabua and Alirajpur districts used their ancient 'Halma' tradition to preserve the water independently. Five social activists joined the people of the tribe to help them in their mission to make the area beam with greenery once again.

 Halma is an ancient tradition in which villagers gather around to discuss problems that are faced by the community. Following an issue, the entire community works together to solve the problem. This time the problem was something that was faced on a bigger scale. So, they decided to put action immediately. As the work continues regularly, the community has had success in digging up three dozen big ponds, repairing more than 250 hand pumps and planting more than 11,000 trees in 110 villages. The numbers are increasing as you are reading through their remarkable story.  

 Each and every villager who has taken a part in the conservation drive does not have any direct benefits through the program. It is the entire community benefit that pushes them each day to do some more. Their example serves as a great reminder to what concerted efforts can do on a big scale.

By: Neha Maheshwari