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Two Point Hospital- An Entertaining Game Based on Hospitals

Two Point Hospital- An Entertaining Game Based on Hospitals



Peter Molyneux’s original studio Bullfrog had created 1997’s Theme Hospital that was one of the last great games. Two Point Studios are situated in Farnham, Surrey.

Two Point Studios include people that have worked on not only Theme Hospital, but also Theme Park, Black & White, and Fable. As if these are fictitious but its visuals are super-cute and it clearly contain the same sort of sense of humor just like the original one. After many years of hard work its founders Mark Webley and Gary have came up with this Two Point Studios’ first game. Earlier too, some Hospitals game had been created but they couldn’t maintain the comedy part of it. They all made it very serious one. Two Point Hospital will be launched for public later this year 2018, on PC, and one can sign up for more news, and a free in-game item, at the official website. Two Point Hospital has the partnership with Sega, has really allowed the first part of their vision to finally come to reality. They hope that people will love to watch and play this Theme Hospital game due to its amazing visuals and special effects. All efforts have been made to make it funny and entertaining.

By: Anita Aishvarya