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Unbelievable! New Grasses Can Defuse RDX

The scientists from the University of Washington and University of York have found a new species of grasses that can refuse the toxic pollution from bombs. The researchers have found two kinds from bacteria that can eat RDX and break it down into risk-free components in two perennial grass species. These two types of grasses are switch grass (Panicum virgatum) and creeping bent grass (Agrostis stolonifera).

As per the scientists the best- working strains erased all the RDX from a simulated soil in which they were grown within less than two weeks. Not only this, the scientists found that the leaves of the grass do not keep any toxic chemical while removing it completely. The researchers have also claimed that the study is unique and demonstrated for the very first time. The study has revealed the capability of the grasses to transform genetically. The researchers have discovered that these grasses can help to remove pollution from the environment.