Uncovered Mystery of Human Fingers

A research has revealed the mystery behind humans’ fingers. Earlier the scientists were unclear about the question that how evolution has prepared our hands with five fingers.


According to the new research, two genes hoxa 13 and hoxd 13 are the responsible substances for the evolution of fingers and fin rays. The research has shown a direct molecular connection between fin rays and fingers, stated the researchers.


Fin rays are usually found in ‘mostbony’ fishes and sharks. Fins are composed of bony spines or rays protruding from the body with skin covering them and joining them together.


Keeping the facts in mind, the scientists added that the transition from fin to limb was not accomplished over a night. As per the records, human ancestors were ‘Polydactyl’ and had more than five fingers.


The research has discovered hoxa 11 and hoxa 13 genes are produced in particular domains of the limb bud in humans and mice. On the other hand, in fishes these genes are developed in overlapping domains of the evolving fin.


The separation of hoxa 11 and hoxa13 are the favorable aspect behind the evolution of five fingers in humans, cleared the scientists.