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U.S. Witnesses Amazing Imagery of Total Solar Eclipse

NASA aircrafts has captured unique images of the Sun's outer atmosphere during Monday's "Great American Eclipse", with the help of sophisticated telescopes. Now the scientists are planning to begin a detailed analysis of data.

This eclipse mission was led by NASA and supported by Southern Research. As per the scientists, this mission was based on gathering visible-light and infrared images of the solar corona and collect wide data on the temperature of Mercury's surface. The research is led by Scientist Amir Caspi, Ph.D., principal investigator of the project. The lead principal of the research stated that they are observing some amazing features. The scientists also added that they are happy and exited to learn what the detailed analysis will disclose.

The set of the telescope included a sensitive high speed, visible-light and infrared cameras that flew aboard the NASA WB-57F research aircraft to observe the targets from 50,000 feet. The scientists got a significant benefit over ground-based observations.

 By: Bhavna Sharma