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Vicky Phelan Ranked Amongst World's 100 Most Influential Women of 2018

In the present era of women empowerment, we see that women are doing wonders in almost all fields and sectors such as politics, sports, aeronautics, defence etc. Women are in no way behind men in the present day world.

BBC launches its list of top 100 influential women from all around the world. These women are from different age groups, ranging from 15 to 94 years. They belong to different sectors and professions such as they may be leaders, trailblazers and everyday heroes. This year Vicky Phelan made a place for herself in this list. She has been ranked as one of the top 100 most influential women around the globe. Vicky Phelan has been ranked among the top 100 woman because she exposed the Cervical Check Screening scandal in Ireland. The 2018 Cervical Check cancer controversy was a scandal that involved several woman in the Republic of Ireland suing the Health Service Executive for receiving incorrect smear test results for cervical cancer.  On 26 April 2018 the HSE confirmed that 206 women developed cervical cancer after having a misdiagnosed CervicalCheck smear test. In May, HSE director-general Tony O'Brien took temporary leave of absence from the board of a US medical company amid renewed calls for him to stand aside from his position due to the ongoing controversy. Vicky Phelan, a terminally ill mother of two children, whose legal case against the state was one of the catalysts for the publication of the controversy. On being included in this list of top 100 women, Phelan is extremely privileged. She feels obliged to share the same list as those women whom she always idolised and heard about. As far as her health is concerned, she mentioned that she has researched a drug on her own. The drug has proved to be extremely beneficial for her. Her tumours have reduced by about 50%. There are many other people also who are working for the benefit of the Cervical Cancer victims such as Lorraine Walsh and Stephen Teap, whose wife Irene died from the cervical cancer, have established the 221+ support group in order to help the women and their families affected by CervicalCheck scandal.

By: Anuja Arora