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Water Exists as Two Different Liquids

Scientists have successfully managed to discover two phases of liquid water with huge differences in density and structure. The results are based on experimental study and X-ray reports. We generally consider water as disordered with the molecules arranging over an average structure within a short period of time. But now Scientists at Stockholm University have discovered two different phases of liquid water with observable differences. The results of the study have been published in the journal, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science”

Water is the source of life and unlike other liquid, water is very complex to study due to its anomalous properties. It behaves very differently from other liquids. The study shows that water can exist in two different forms at low temperature where ice crystallization is slow. This also brings us to the point that even ice exists in 2 different structures at relatively low and high density.

These results give a good overall understanding of water at different pressures and temperatures and will enable us to understand how water is affected by salts and bio- molecules important for life.