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Week of Research and Discovery

We know Quarks and Electrons are fundamental particles, and that these particles are discrete packets of energy and posses wavelike properties. Quantum physics as we know is different from classical physics and last week a team of Physicists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences found it was possible for a “Single Quantum Particle to send two way signals” which is significantly different than Classical physics. It thus means that a particle can essentially send messages to itself. This happens due to Superposition which states that a particle is ‘simultaneously’ present at two positions which enables it to send two way signal.

In yet another discovery by the combined team of Amherst College and Aalto University found a quantum particle which had properties of Ball Lightning. They were able to create a Ball Lightning knotting together the magnetic spins of atom.

NASA discovered of presence large amount of water in the atmosphere of Exoplanet’s atmosphere as well Planet WASP-39b recorded water three times more than that of Saturn.  Enceladus, Saturn’s moon too showed possibility of hosting life on it. There was report of massive stellar flare on star Proxima Centauri which is closest to sun.

Purdue University research team noted that the red Tesla could be carrying earthly bacteria into Mars.

Stem cell study could result in stronger muscles in elderly people according to a research in Sweden and University of California San Diego School of Medicine reported a potential role of some bacteria in protecting our skin from cancer.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena