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Why Should We Play?

When we see man-like robots, working, talking and doing every other activity that a man can otherwise, we rejoice in the immense capabilities of men. Sophia, a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based Company, Hanson Robotics gives me goosebumps as she looks so much animate. But have you ever thought if machines can replace men in every other way, what will be the use of men in future in a workplace? Think of a world filled with human robots taking orders in a restaurant, conducting surgeries on patients, supervising in the construction Industry, teaching children in school or perhaps doing all your domestic chores. What will be the use of men? In other words, why would employers consider human intervention at all?

However, a breath of respite and hope came up in the words of CEO of the Lego Foundation and the former chief financial officer for The Lego Group, John Goodwin. According to him, people are better equipped with a relevant understanding of workplace. When kids are allowed to play more in their childhood, they develop the softer skills that help them latter. Creative Gurus claim that children who play imaginative plays including building with blocks or cardboards, chasing, hiding, jumping and wrestling or dramatic plays, develop certain skills that help them to coordinate and adjust in the future scenario. It instills them with numerous qualities including team spirit, accepting failure and learning to sustain, negotiate and convince others, technical skills and over and above develop a wider understanding of the world around us.

Compared to the X-generation of artificial intelligence, though men might sound inefficient and insignificant but the intricacies of a human mind including the softer skills and emotions will always elevate him in the larger perspective.


By: Subrata Dey