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With Evolving Classrooms There Are Things Which Are Disappearing Gradually

In this new-age, we need students to gain knowledge beyond the textbooks. As such, the schools are going to offer a window for classes where students can express, learn more about themselves and explore the world like never!

It is justified to expect that our education system and school classrooms will also require changing, when everything around us is changing. Looking back into the past, education was defined as a closed classroom of brick and mortar, teachers in front of blackboards and chalks and books. But, as we are becoming a part of the global world and consistently walking on the path of development which is consuming cutting-edge technology on a huge scale, the education landscape is also evolving. These advancements will surely change the face of traditional classrooms.

Lesson delivery

The expectation to grasp the same concept with the same intellect by a teacher standing in front of a class to deliver a lesson will diminish rapidly. The level of understanding and grasping power of every student differs. The top-notch schools are going to address this with the help of modern tools and tech-based innovations to impart personalised learning based on an individual’s capacities.

Traditional timetables

Another significant process which is going to evolve is the traditional timetables that used to be all about subject or textbook curriculum teaching. The modern era needs students to overcome traditional stereotypes of learning. As such, the schools are going to provide a window for classes where students could express themselves and learn more about themselves and the world in various ways and timetables accordingly. Students can pursue their areas of interest with these open and flexible classes and timings.

Mode of assessment and examinations

Changes in the way of conducting and assessing tests will also occur, as the education landscape is witnessing noteworthy tech-enabled transformations. For preparing and assessing assignments, teachers can now employ AI. This in turn would focus more on providing personalised feedback and monitoring students’ progress better alongside saving teachers valuable time.

Traditional textbooks

The concept of school bags would also start taking a different shape as time passes by. Every now and then, there have been debates around the burden of school bags and their weight on children’s physical development. Yet, as we incorporate tech in the education system, the concept of physical textbooks and notebooks will be transformed into e-books or web resources – a platform easily accessible via mobile devices.

By: Preeti Narula

Content: https://indianexpress.com/article/parenting/learning/child-education-evolving-classroom-5665391/lite/