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World's Ocean Is In Danger


Growing garbage inside the world’s ocean is the most important issue which is bothering the scientists. This major issue came into existence after Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing.


Discarded fishing equipments, cargo container parts, plastic bags are being found in the hunt for the missing plane.


Kathleen Dohan, a scientist at the Earth and Space Research in Seattle, Washington has done a study on the growing rate of waste in the ocean. Most of the garbage is plastic in the ocean.


The research stated that the movement of debris in a time-lapse video shows, where the objects thrown in the ocean will end up in ten years. These objects will drift to areas called as garbage patches. There are two such patches each in The Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, north and south.


These patches are vast zones where debris gets collected but floats free circulating at the same time. Small boats sail into such areas and get damaged.

Marine life also consumes the trash with catastrophic consequences.