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YouTube Remix Shall Soon Replace Google Play Music

Listening music during work, long drives and while performing daily household chores is a hobby that is observed in people of all age groups. As per the latest news, YouTube Remix which is a new service is almost set to replace Google Play Music as the default music player of the company. Most probably the users will be forced to switch to YouTube Remix before the year 2018 marks its end. In the previous year, precisely in December, there were rumours that YouTube shall launch a new paid music service soon.

As per another report, Google has recently cleared all kinds of copyright issues concerning the screening of music on YouTube and is soon going to launch YouTube Remix in the coming months. There are rumours that YouTube Remix will come along with smarter playlist recommendations. It shall also have various time and location based song suggestions. The main purpose behind doing this is to create a single platform that shall comprise of the free version of YouTube, YouTube Red, and Remix. A switch from Play Music to Remix is expected to come up before this year shall come to an end. The combination of the YouTube Music and Google Play is of immense importance to google. It is one offering that fufills the requirements of consumers and artists. Digital music is indeed a flourishing industry which brought about 54 percent of the entire revenue of the industry.

By: Anuja Arora