Ban On Plastic: Environment Vs Economy

Education News | Jul-27-2021

Ban On Plastic: Environment Vs Economy

Environment and economy are the two major things that the COVID-19 pandemic has the most effect on. To our environment, it has hit positively because everything has switched to virtual mode and less traveling leads to less consumption and burning of fossil fuels. On the contrary, it also has a major negative effect on our country’s economic condition or economy. The economy rate’s graph has decreased. As mentioned in a blog of ‘Business Standards’, our nation’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has said in one of his speeches that the world won’t be the same again after this global tragedy. The economic condition especially in under-developing countries like India has gone worse.
At the same time, it has also been declared a ban on single-use plastics and several items made from plastic. This initiative has three stages. Firstly, a fixed weight is decided for the plastic bags and bags shouldn’t weigh more than that. Secondly, specific categories of single-use plastics are made. Thirdly and lastly, there will be a strict ban on many plastic items like cups, disposables, etc. This will have a great effect on both our environment and the economy.

Plastic Ban Economy VS Environment

Its main effect on our environment or nature that surrounds us will be that the number of non-biodegradable items one uses on daily basis will severely decrease, which means that most of the waste released from our homes, offices, and other places will be easily decomposable making it good for the near future. Also, hundreds of animals die because of eating plastic goods daily as it chokes their throat. Thus, this ban will also help in conserving species.

At the same time, it will have a very major effect on our economy. As discussed in a blog by the ipleader, India has over 30,000 industrial plastic units. Over 4 million people work in these units. This plastic ban can result in the unemployment of millions of people throughout the nation. Plastic is also a lot cheaper than other materials like paper or cloth. It will become an additional cost for people to pay extra for buying nature-friendly goods than plastic ones. Therefore, just as a coin has two sides, this ban also has both good and bad sides. If you ask my opinion then such a ban is a must. It is because if we continue misusing stuff the way we are it won’t be a shock if life on earth gets finished very soon.

By: Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida