Best Way to Learn a Concept

Education News | Oct-21-2020

Best Way to Learn a Concept

In the student’s life, one problem that most of the students face is how to learn or how to memorise any concept. So, I am now going to share some useful tips and techniques which would not only improve the marks of students but also enhance the necessary skills required in their whole life.

  • Self-study– Self Study is one of the most significant and important ways for any concept. Self Study enables us to create and develop our own thought regarding the topic which causes a direct impact on our mind and makes our learning task much easier.
  • Learn creativity - When we are studying we should try to be creative and understand in unique ways. We can draw images or figures of what we have understood by a given content and then try to learn the concept by watching the drawing. The reason behind this is humans understand images and drawings better than words and lines.
  • Take rest- We should always take rest during the long study period. Taking small power naps between studies are very good for enhancing our learning skills as taking power naps help our brain to revitalize or help our brain to become stronger and more active. Taking small naps is also helpful for our brain because when we sleep our brain recalls everything that what it learned during the particular time span.
  • Study at regular intervals - When we study at the regulated time daily, we develop a habit of learning things which improves our learning skills and capability. If we will study at a fixed time slot then our brain will get used to of learning new concepts and will function more efficiently during that particular time period.
  • Health - Health is the foremost requirement for learning any concept. When we do physical exercises it enhances our brain’s capability of memorising concepts and help us to learn fast with more efficiency.

So, I would recommend using these tips and tricks in your daily routine and it will surely help you to learn any concept much easier.

Parth Aggarwal 

S. D. Public School

Class 8