Career In Film Making

Career In Film Making

Lights, Camera and Action! Nowadays the camera has become one of the most common factors amongst the modern generation and smartphones with modern functionality provide it in the best way. Today youngsters not only like but even attach themselves to film with their deep love.

Film making offers a variety of career opportunities. One can go into the direction, scriptwriting, acting, photography/ videography, video editing, choreography, singing, production, etc. 

As of now, cinema is the heart of entertainment across the world. However, the competition for the film becomes very tough either it is due to nepotism or it is due to population factor. The inconvenience in providing better platforms is not only the fault of the film industry but indeed the audience we have. The start of star kids becomes a super brand just because of the audience it has. We the people don't have to compromise for getting the role but perhaps it's the only thing our youngsters are facing a lot. If you gain reverence in the heart of the audience and make their soul shocked with your performance doesn't mean that your life has become simple and easy for your survival. To maintain that name and frame you have to work hard each and every moment of your life that should not make your family proud but the external fan family you have created by overwhelming the heart of the generation. Have faith and always believe in yourself and not consider anyone as your competition because you are the one who is the competition of yourself. Always keep in mind that it's you vs you always in the film industry. If you good connections, then that too works to survive in the film industry.

Pay package in all the substreams of film making varies. For example, if you are a famous actor, of course, your package is high but if you are a mediocre actor of a low fan base, then you get films which can pay you less only because of a  low budget. A career in film making is extremely tough but it is not that it is highly impossible. You need to be highly strategic in making a path and you should be sure about what you love in the vast film making forest.

By: Aditya Sharma

Class 10

Mahaveer Public School 


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