Colors - What They Mean And How They Affect Us

Colors - What They Mean And How They Affect Us

"The soul becomes dyed with the colors of its thoughts". Colors are a way of telling things even without saying a word. They are a means of expressing feelings. We tend to associate each color with certain feelings and various concepts. This association may differ from place to place. Colors also enhance our memory. This is the reason for highlighting important things while studying. They even have the power to convince us to make a certain decision. Colors make things attractive. Colorful things draw people's attention towards them very quickly. Various colors have their individual sense. Warm colors can evoke different emotions. Colors also leave an impact on our mood. Logos of different brands have some background color which tells something.

Black - Black color is generally associated with authority and power. It is also linked with evil, villains, cruelty, and hatred. Black is also known as the color of sorrow. It is also used to portray a mystery or a mishap.
White - White symbolizes purity, safety, goodness, innocence. It also conveys calm. It is a light color due to which it is a very common color in hot weather.
Red - Red is the color of strength, power, aggression, energy, war. The red color is also known to raise the blood pressure of people. Strange! It is usually used as an alarming and warning color. It also gives a sense of urgency.
Blue - Blue, the color of the silence and peace is a soothing tone that people like to have in their homes. It is also known as a productive shade. It's kenned as the tone of depression as well as harmony. It is also a cold color.
Yellow - Voila is the color of enthusiasm. The most vibrant color. Known to spread positivity around, yellow is also the color of creativity. This color makes you feel cheerful from inside and make you feel joyful.
Purple - Not so common, purple color is the color of wealth and luxury. It is also associated with fantasy and ambition.
Brown - One of the bland colors is the tan tone - brown. Brown is linked with ugliness, thoughtfulness, and laziness. Our all-time favorite chocolate is also brown.
Green - The color of nature is also the color of harmony. It is also linked with tranquillity. It is also kenned as the tone of relaxation.
The association of colors with feelings differ from color to color. For example, white color is worn by a bride in Christian culture but in Hindu culture, white is worn at someone's funeral. Some people in Asia associate red with good fortune and celebration, but in parts of Africa, red is the color of mourning.

Color is a loving gift from the almighty to help us enjoy life. Color affects our emotions. Color helps us to gather and process information. To conclude, Colors play an essential role in our life by serving as a means of communication.


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